Currently the  Board of Directors is composed of nine (9) members under the Chairmanship of Eng. Steven D. M. Mlote as follows:-

1. Eng. Steven D. M. Mlote EAC Chairman
2. Charles R. Mpaka MoA Director
3. Eng. Mathias B. Assenga Tea Expert Director
4. Dr. Emanuel F. Simbua TRIT Director
5.. Miraji. M. Gembe Tea Expert Director
6. Mohamed. M. Kasira MTC/TAT Director
7. Hamis R. Kaniki SAKARE/TASTGA Director
8. Eng. Naseeb M. Mpembule TSHTDA Director
9. Nicholaus W. Mauya TBT DG/Secretary

The Board of Directors assumed its responsibility on 24th May 2018 and will last for the period of  three (3) years to 23rd May 2021